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All regular in-person meetings are suspended do to the Covid-19.

August 26th, 7 PM.  NDTDW Meeting via Zoom. 

THE FILIBUSTER:  Everything you need to know about it!
If you are of a certain age, you may remember Jimmy Stewart in “Mr. Smith goes to Washington” or more recently seeing Ted Cruz reciting “Green Eggs and Ham” on the Senate floor.  Those two things are about the filibuster.
What exactly is it?  When did it begin?  How has it been used in the past?  How is it being used today?  What have historically been the changes?  Is it good or bad for whom?
This may all seem arcane, but it is important to understand in in today’s politically divided nation where there are calls to do away with or change it!
Our resident NDTDW member American Government expert, Robert Franklin will give you the history and presents the differing points of view on this Senate rule and its practice.  He will encorage discussion and answer your questions.
So…. tune in via ZOOM on August 26th, 7pm. Registration is required and here is the registration link.
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September 21st, 7 pm, NDTDW VIRTUAL BOOK CLUB
Our selection for September 21st is “The Unexpected Spy” by Tracy Walder

A highly entertaining account of a young woman who went straight from her college sorority to the CIA, where she hunted terrorists and WMDs

“Reads like the show bible for Homeland only her story is real.” —Alison Stewart, WNYC

“A thrilling tale…Walder’s fast-paced and intense narrative opens a window into life in two of America’s major intelligence agencies” — Publishers Weekly (starred review)

When Tracy Walder enrolled at the University of Southern California, she never thought that one day she would offer her pink beanbag chair in the Delta Gamma house to a CIA recruiter, or that she’d fly to the Middle East under an alias identity.

The Unexpected Spy is the riveting story of Walder’s tenure in the CIA and, later, the FBI. In high-security, steel-walled rooms in Virginia, Walder watched al-Qaeda members with drones as President Bush looked over her shoulder and CIA Director George Tenet brought her donuts. She tracked chemical terrorists and searched the world for Weapons of Mass Destruction. She created a chemical terror chart that someone in the White House altered to convey information she did not have or believe, leading to the Iraq invasion. Driven to stop terrorism, Walder debriefed terrorists—men who swore they’d never speak to a woman—until they gave her leads. She followed trails through North Africa, Europe, and the Middle East, shutting down multiple chemical attacks.

Then Walder moved to the FBI, where she worked in counterintelligence. In a single year, she helped take down one of the most notorious foreign spies ever caught on American soil. Catching the bad guys wasn’t a problem in the FBI, but rampant sexism was. Walder left the FBI to teach young women, encouraging them to find a place in the FBI, CIA, State Department or the Senate—and thus change the world.