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2022 was a strange year.  At the beginning of the year, all pundits had written off Democrats chances to hold the House and the Senate or to make strides in the ruthlessly gerrymandered political divisions in Texas.  However, the Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs, the January 6th Committee hearings and responses to tragedies like the massacre in Uvalde opened people’s eyes to how extreme the Republican party has become. Plus, positive actions like passing the Build Back Better legislation have proven that Democrats can get things done.  I know that many of you are out there right now ensuring that voters hear these messages and turn out in November.

This past year, NDTDW was active in helping voters to decide who to elect.  In February, we co-hosted our well-attended Biennial Primary Forum that not only introduced many candidates but also provided written materials about them.  We then held our April meeting featuring a moderated forum between run-off candidates for County Commissioners Court Place 2 – Andrew Sommerman and Michelle Ocher.  Many candidates attended our June summer party. 

In addition, we provided an opportunity to interact with Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa via Zoom and information about the Dallas County elections process.  We designed and distributed post cards for common sense gun reforms in the wake of Uvalde. And because it’s always good to share ideas with other Democrats, we continue monthly book club meetings, and our movie/dinner club is starting back up.

Whatever happens in November, we will need to be ready to fight at the next legislative session.  Republicans will not stop pushing for legislation that damages voting rights, women’s rights, children’s well being and our very democracy.  As our October speaker will tell you, Republicans are poised to introduce legislation that would do away with any requirement for school vaccines – including vaccines against diseases like polio.  We need to make our opposition heard. NDTDW will again provide training on how to lobby legislators and information about Blue Ribbon Lobby Day – a chance to talk in person with legislators.


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Since 2002, NDTDW has been one of the leading Democratic clubs in Dallas, and most years, the largest chapter of the Texas Democratic Women. Our members have played key roles in electing Democrats, especially Democratic Women, in Dallas County.  We have not always been successful, but we keep closing the gap.  We do this by a) informing our members on key issues through our meeting programs and regular emails; b) connecting our members through social events like our Book Club, Movie Club and Summer and Holiday Parties; c) raising money to directly contribute to women candidates and those that support women’s issues. In 2020 NDTDW raised and donated $7,100 to campaigns supporting women and women friendly candidates.  Our members directly donated to campaigns as well. As an organization we support the annual Annie’s List and Planned Parenthood lunches as well as Dallas County Democratic Party events.

Our mailing address is 17201 Hidden Glen Drive, Dallas, TX 75248.

In addition to this website, we do frequent emailing covering topics of interest to our members.  The emails are always identified as being from NDTDW with a brief description that allows recipients to determine their interest without opening them. 

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