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 This past year has been both the best of times and the worst of times   On the good side, although we kicked off the year with Zoom Meetings with Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa, Chair of the Texas Democratic Party giving a summary of the elections and the state party and Patricia Meza of Representative Ana Maria’s office giving an update on how to lobby the legislature.  We started back in-person meetings mid 2023.  It has been wonderful to be able to talk to YOU in person, to hear YOUR feedback and to encourage support for Democratic candidates.   We beat the heat with an ice-cream social and presentations from DISD Trustee Edwin Flores and RISD Trustee Vanessa Pacheco.  Representative Ana-Maria Ramos talked on the legislative session: Jasmin Flores, Vice Chair of the DCDP about our Dallas County Party, Senator Nathan Johnson on his hard work in the Senate including the frustrations of the Paxton trial and David Griggs helped sort out constitutional amendments on the ballot this past November.  We also had a well-attended post card party against vouchers that sent hundreds of post cards to Austin. Nationally, criminal, and civil lawsuits have finally been filed against Donald Trump and the issues of abortion and the survival of democracy do appear to be getting out the vote.

On the negative side, Donald Trump still leads Republican presidential candidates by a wide margin and is threatening vengeance of all who oppose him. Mike Johnson, a far-right and inexperienced MAGA official is Speaker of the house and third in line for the Presidency.   Because of the power MAGA voters have in the primaries, Republican candidates will not stop pushing for legislation that damages voting rights, women’s rights, children’s well being and our very democracy. 

It may sound melodramatic, but out democracy is at stake in the 2024 election. We need to get Joe Biden and other Democrats elected to save our country.  We plan to work for all Democratic candidates, including some great new ones like Averie Bishop for Texas HD 112 who is seeking to expand Democratic representation in the Texas House.  Come join us in the fight!

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Since 2002, NDTDW has been one of the leading Democratic clubs in Dallas, and most years, the largest chapter of the Texas Democratic Women. Our members have played key roles in electing Democrats, especially Democratic Women, in Dallas County.  We have not always been successful, but we keep closing the gap.  We do this by a) informing our members on key issues through our meeting programs and regular emails; b) connecting our members through social events like our Book Club, Movie Club and Summer and Holiday Parties

Our mailing address is 17201 Hidden Glen Drive, Dallas, TX 75248.

In addition to this website, we do frequent emailing covering topics of interest to our members.  The emails are always identified as being from NDTDW with a brief description that allows recipients to determine their interest without opening them. 

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NDTDW collects personally identifiable information when you fill out a Membership/Renewal Form, such as your e-mail address, physical address, name, and phone number, occupation and employer.  This information is used to keep you notified of club events via email.  It is also used in reporting to the Texas Ethics Commission since we are a Political Action Committee.   NDTDW does not sell, rent or lease its member lists to third parties.  If you have any questions about our policies, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].


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