Persuasion: NextGen/GOTV


Pre-fall kick off! (8-31-17)
Thank y’all for your patience. Here are our notes from our August 15th meeting and upcoming events.
After we went over upcoming events (see end of email for more!), we went through our sub-groups and upcoming plans. Additionally, I will include items not discussed in our meeting that have occurred since.

1. Mark your calendars
     a. September 4 – DCDP Labor Day Picnic
     b. September 19 – GOTV/NexGen Committee Meeting
     c. September 26 – National Registration Day
     d. October 21 – Ride the DART Registration Project
2. High School Voters
     a. Battleground Texas High School Voter Education
        i. Whitney Wolf and Barbara Vance attended Battleground Texas’ training for its Voter registration program for their high school program—this is a non-partisan effort that started in l Paso and they are really ramping it up for the 2017-2018 school year
        ii. In the classroom they talk about how voting can make a direct impact on their lives. I have         attached the materials passed around
        iii. If you want to get involved, email Terry at – she will add you to the listserv and send out volunteer opportunities. This will be during the school day
        iv. Another training session is in the works—I will let you know ASAP when it’s scheduled.
        v. Other volunteer opportunity—imputing voter registration information into the VAN databases. This may be good for people with a less flexible work schedule.
     b. Carin Hughes and Robert Franklin are going to contact a DISD coordinator or contact to begin planning a pizza      party or other events that may be happening, such as career days, festivals, Friday night football games
        i. If we do a pizza party for high school seniors, We were thinking of using the Battleground            Texas training during the party—it’s short and doesn’t force everyone to register in exchange for pizza
          &nbsp1. Carin and Robert—I will forward you Whitney’s notes on the training
     c. Other thoughts:
        i. How do we get NexGen involved beyond registration?
3. College Voters
     a. We are going to use the Huddle program and format and work with IGNITE at UT Dallas campus
        i. UTD has a very strong IGNITE Chapter we can work with
        ii. This is going to take A LOT of work to set up on campus—our goal is to get infiltrated with a         professor and the IGNITE chapter this semester and be ready for classroom presentations. I will         continue gathering contacts.
        iii. I will present what I learned at our next meeting.
     b. I am going to set something up to work with them on campus for National Registration Day – this is a good way to start being recognized on campus and get a lay of the land
4. Senior Voters
     a. We discussed the mobile voting booths—at least 5 seniors must request this for it to be brought to their senior living home
        i. How do we advertise this?
        ii. We need someone to start contacting senior living homes and begin advertising it in their         newsletters
        iii. Seminars on voting?
        iv. Phonebanks?
5. Minority Voters – BRAINSTORM
6. Registration Event
     a. October Blockwalk
        i. I talked to Terry about this and she said battleground Texas can definitely help and give us a few address She said right now it is probably best to do a “listening walk” and focus less on registering voters.
        ii. This would get our feet wet and I think a good activity for our group.
     b. Registration Day
        i. September 26
     c. With all events we want to reach out to

We held our 2nd Persuasion Project Happy Hour on August 16th which was well attended including Colin Allred, candidate for CD32, and other candidates.


IMG_4755 IMG_4758 Blue Mesa Margareta