August 2014 Board Minutes

North Dallas Texas Democratic Women Board Meeting
Monday, August 11, 2014

The meeting was called to order at 7:20 PM at Lenna and Bob’s house.

Attendance:   Nancy Brumley, Bob Franklin, Trudy Hess, Crystal Hughes , Carol Jablonski, Evelyn Roberson, Mary Jane Stevenson and Lenna Webb

Minutes:    Minutes from the June 9, 2014 board meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Bob reported that currently NDTDW has a checkbook balance of $10,680,73. This balance includes $6000 already donated to candidates approved at July 21, 2014 special board meeting and includes $2400 received in donations for Annie’s List luncheon.

Bob reported as of Aug 10, 2014 actual Income of $20, 907.53 and actual expenses of $19,570.58.

Membership: Lenna reported as of 8/11/2014 we have 137 members. Lenna also presented a report to board listing all current members with emails, phone numbers and date dues paid.

Political Donations:   Evelyn presented candidate donations report from July, 2014 board meeting and noted a typing error and that donation to John Warren should read $100 and not $150.   Board voted unanimously to approve the report. The following donation amounts listed in the report were as follows:

Alameel, US Senate – $200; Perez, US House 32nd Dist – $250; Davis, TX Governor – $500; Van de Putte, TX Lt Governor – $1000;

Houston, TX Attorney General – $250; Brown, TX RR Commissioner – $250; Collier, TX Comptroller – $250; Parrott, State Board Education – $200; Clayton, St Rep Dist 102 – $250; Donavan, St Rep 107 – $250; Bailey, St Rep 108 – $350; Motley, St Rep 105 – $250; Karmally, St Rep (Collin County) – $250.

County judge with opponents: Bennett – $150, Mitchell – $50, Birmingham – $150, Green – $150 and Montgomery – $200.

Other County Offices: Watkins, District Attorney – $150; Jenkins, County Judge – $300;

Warren, County Clerk – $100; Medrano, County Treasurer – $50; Pitre, District Clerk – $100. Coordinated Campaign – $350.

Total donations in report equal $6000.

Newsletter: Evelyn pointed out that last newsletter didn’t list Crystal Hughes as Board Member and Trudy said would be corrected for next newsletter.

Board voted and approved Lenna’s Newsletter Advertising pricing proposal . Ad pricing agreed on was Business Card size ad – $25; ¼ Page ad – $50. The Link will also offer holiday greeting ads and candidate congratulations ads.

Officers for Next Year: Carol Jablonski announced she will not be President next year and discussed the need to search for someone to fill her position for next year. Mary Jane Stevenson also announced she will not continue as VP of Membership next year and will not be serving on board either. Lenna, Carol, and Nancy agreed to contact some members to see if they would be willing to fill the Board openings for next year’s term.

Club Meetings:

Group discussed some ideas for September meeting and Mary Jane will look into getting speaker lined up trying to cover theme voting in Texas today. Some suggestions were Cal Jilsen, Genevive Van Cleve, Public Citizen and groups involved with Getting Out the Vote in Texas.

August:         Robert Reich Movie
September:   Open
October:       Open

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Evelyn Roberson