May 2014 Board Minutes

North Dallas Texas Democratic Women
Board Meeting
Monday, May 19, 2014
17221 Earthwind Dr., Dallas, TX

The meeting was called to order at 7:15 PM.

Attendance:   Nancy Brumley, Carol Jablonski, Mary Jane Stevenson, Bob Franklin, Crystal Hughes, Evelyn Roberson, Lenna Webb and Barbara Wolfe.

Minutes:    Minutes from the March 10, 2014 board meeting were read and approved with corrections. A correction was made for August program when we will have a Robert Reich Movie.   After the meeting, Secretary, Evelyn Roberson, checked her notes and realized also missing from the March 10, 2014 minutes was the club had voted to donate $100 to SD 16 and $50 to SD 8 for their senatorial conventions.

New Board Members:  Since there was no April board meeting, Barbara Wolfe was voted in as a Board Member at the regular April club meeting by majority of members in attendance. At the beginning of this May 2014 board meeting, Crystal Hughes was voted in unanimously by the board as a new board member. With these two newly added board members, NDTDW now has a full slate of 9 board members.

Treasurer’s Report: Bob reported that currently NDTDW has a checkbook balance of $15,715.42 . This balance includes the deduction for the $500 check donated to Leticia Van de Putte at the April luncheon that had not yet been cashed. Also included in the $15,715.42 balance is $2500 in monies received for the Ladies Room event and Ladies Room expenses of $1150 paid to Texas Democratic Party for room rental at the 2014 State Convention.   This leaves a net of $1350 of Ladies Room money currently in NDTDW account.

Women’s Warrior Luncheon April 23rd Fundraiser:   Donations total $11,210 (this figure includes late donation of $100 from Judge Ken Tapscott).   Meals available from donations 123   (this number includes deduction of 2 meals for reapplying $150 donation of Montgomery to 2014 dues).   Actual meals paid for 111.   Actual attendees 97 (includes corrections for adding Judge Crowder and Fabishak guest substitution).   Evelyn presented Lenna’s detailed emailed May 2 wrap up report for luncheon and Lenna agreed the May 2 report was accurate with the above corrections for Tapscott, Mongtomery, Crowder and Fabishak guest.

Lenna presented costs for April luncheon as follows: Meals – $4322.69, Printing – $357 (tax not included & bill not received yet),  Vase – about $200 (no billed received), Stamps $160, Credit Card Processing – $256.89, and Donation to Leticia Van de Putte – $500.   Lenna said approximate profit from luncheon is about $5413.42.

Luncheon Review – Carol said would draft a performance report identifying what we did well and what we could do better for next luncheon and ask for board members input. Carol will present report at June 2014 board meeting.

Budget Review:  Bob presented 2014 Budget and Year-to-date figures. Carol asked Bob to adjust some figures for June budget report as follows: 1)   Change budgeted $8000 number for fundraiser to reflect more accurately the year-to-date figure which was reported as $11,214.35.   2) Revise the budgeted membership dues figure from $11,000 to about $8,000. (compared 2013 dues May year-to-date figure of $10,290 to May 2014 dues year-to-date figure of $5810).   3) Bob will create a separate category for Ladies Room donations and also a separate category for Annies List Luncheon. (currently grouped together under category “ Donations for Other Org”).   4) Bob will also figure costs of newsletter and its postage costs and put in separate category under Newsletter costs. 5) Bob will also separate postage, printing costs and transaction fees and any other related costs for Ladies Room event into separate category under Ladies Room Costs. 6) Bob also will segregate costs for Annie’s List luncheon into own category. 7) Bob will discuss Ad costs for Newsletter at June 2014 board meeting.

Candidate Donations Committee for 2014:   Will form committee in June to determine criteria for donating to candidates and potential list of candidates to give to.

Membership Report:   Lenna submitted copies of a detailed membership report to board members showing names and contact info of all members as of May 19, 2014. The report showed currently we have 113 members.

Amendments:   Evelyn presented 3 amendments that were agreed to online but not formally voted on.

Club unanimously voted to accept the following amendments that Lenna will put out on club website and members will vote on at regular June meeting. The amendments that passed are:

Article VII, Section 1 under voting change to :  All decisions made by the Executive Board requires a majority vote by a quorum of the board members in attendance to pass.   All decisions by the membership at a general meeting shall require a majority of those in attendance to pass except in those instances specified in the constitution or bylaws

Under Article VII, Section 2 under online voting change to: The President at her discretion can call for an online vote by the Executive Board regarding club business and requires a majority vote of the board for a proposal to pass. The results of the online voting will be recorded in the minutes presented at the next board meeting.

Under Article IV, Section 3 regarding Officers and Board add to the end of the section the following language to cover replacing a board member if they resign: In the event a board member resigns, the Executive Board shall fill the vacancy by a majority vote of a quorum of remaining board members at a board meeting.

Club Account & Ladies Room Transactions: Evelyn brought up concern about mixing Ladies Room funds with NDTDW funds and using the club’s account to process Ladies Room transactions. Evelyn read minutes from February 3, 2014 minutes regarding Lenna’s request to use our club’s PAC for reporting purposes for the Ladies Room event that her and Barbara Walters were going to host at the State Democratic convention in June 2014 and were planning to raise about $10,000 to run event.     According to the minutes the club voted to allow Lenna to use our club PAC with the stipulation NDTDW was not sponsoring the Ladies Room event and has no liability for costs associated with event.

Evelyn presented her findings after discussing issue with Glen Maxey with State Democratic Party and Bill Howell at County party headquarters.

  • Glen Maxey said PAC is not needed to run a hospitality suite/event at convention.
  • Glen Maxey and Bill Howell said they would not run funds through the club PAC for people wanting to run a private event at the convention that is not sponsored by the club.   They also said mixing outside funds with club funds and no oversight is a not a good idea.
  • Both said they would have individuals wanting to put on convention event to use their own accounts to process funds.
  • Glen and Bill suggested if people hosting event want a PAC they can easily use ACTBlue which is set up for individual use.
  • Using our club PAC would makes the club liable for reporting on all donations and expenditures for this private event and creates a lot of reporting work for the club.
  • Glen Maxey also said he would want to know how the contracts were being set up for food, facilities, entertainment and etc. for event and make sure club has no liability.

Carol discussed straightening out a club problem several years back with TEC about reports and pointed it was a minor infraction and fine and that it was very time consuming. Carol also pointed out to Bob Franklin as Treasurer that he would be on his own if something goes wrong with TEC report and Ladies Room event accounting and club would not be responsible for it.

Lenna said she couldn’t change anything now because she had done a lot of mailings for the event that directed people to make checks out to club name. Discussion followed with board members and the consensus was the Ladies Room event should have had a separate account set up in the beginning but it was too late to change now and they were ok with allowing Lenna to use club PAC. There was no formal vote. Group did vote and pass a motion requiring Bob Franklin as club treasurer to provide a separate weekly email report on Ladies Room event transactions.

Also the motion that passed requires Bob to provide the club a transaction report for all club activity with segregated Ladies Room transactions included from January 2014 through April 2014 and another transaction report for April 2014 through May 19, 2014 and after that a weekly report club transaction report every Saturday.


June:             None

July:              July 12 Summer Party at Bob’s and Lenna’s house.

August:         Robert Reich Movie

September:   Maybe campaign phone bank.

October:       Open

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 10:15 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Evelyn Roberson