March 2014 Board Minutes

North Dallas Texas Democratic Women
Board Meeting
Monday, March 10, 2014
17221 Earthwind Dr., Dallas, TX

The meeting was called to order at 7:22 p.m.

Attendance:   Nancy Brumley, Carol Jablonski, Mary Jane Stevenson, Bob Franklin, Sydney McQuoid, Evelyn Roberson and Lenna Webb

Minutes:    Minutes from the February 3, 2014 board meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Bob reported that currently the club has $7049.62 in bank. The club received from the January Candidates Forum $819.68 in income.   Bob gave report for 2013. Income for 2013 which includes Annie’s list luncheon equals $20,060.60. Yearly expenses for 2013 equals $17,709.91.   $5850 of income and expense in the 2013 yearly figures was for Annie’s List Luncheon tables sponsored and is a wash because members buy their seats through our club and then club pays Annie’s List for the seats. One payment for Annie’ s list was missing and Lenna said she would check on this and report back.

Bob questioned some communication expenses that seemed high. Lenna explained that the $1029 communications charges in question were one-time expenses of which $480 were for setting up with Go Daddy website and $549 were email expense overage charges.

Bob Franklin said he would send out budget for our 2013 fundraiser luncheon after comparing to 2012 Fundraiser figures.

2012 profit from fundraiser luncheon was $4146.

Membership Report:   Lenna reported that we currently have 74 members.  As an indicator Evelyn reviewed minutes from 2012 to give membership figures. March 2012 – 72 members, April 2012 – 92 members, June 2012 – 124 members.


March: Speakers will be a panel on Education consisting of Mavis Knight – State Board of Education, George Clayton and Lois Parrot.   If you have any questions for the panel please give to Mary Jane Stevenson before meeting.

April :     Judge Rob Canas will speak on Domestic Violence

May:     Speaker Laura Rose to discuss Emily’s List.

June & July:   None

August:         Open

September:   Maybe campaign phone bank.

October:       Open

Voting Online:   Group agreed to stick to our policy that the club president, Carol Jablonski , decides what to send out for a club business vote online.  Voted unanimously to have online voting recorded in minutes of earliest upcoming meeting.

October Fundraiser for Annie’s List – For their fundraiser, Annie’s List has asked Lenna and Carol to each sell a table (total 2).

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 PM.

Items voted online:

A)   6 votes online to approve giving a $500 donation to Leticia Van de Putte campaign at our 2014 Women Warriors Award Luncheon in April. Leticia is our 2014 award honoree.   Voting online 4/21/14 in favor Nancy Brumley, Carol Jablonski, Mary Jane Stevenson, Evelyn Roberson, Trudy Hess, and Lenna Webb. Other board members did not respond.

B) 4 votes online to approve giving Sally Montgomery a 2014 Molly Ivins Membership at $125 level and a $25 refund. This is to correct not putting her name in the 2014 Award Luncheon program as a $150 level contributor.   4 voted in favor from 4/28 to 5/1/14 and the rest of board did not respond.     Voted in favor were Mary Jane Stevenson, Carol Jablonski, Trudy Hess and Evelyn Roberson.

Respectfully submitted,
Evelyn Roberson