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Our regular meetings are held at the Northaven United Methodist Church, 2nd floor, at 11211 Preston Rd. (between Royal and Forest Lanes).  All Democrats are welcome and there is never a charge to attend our meetings. For further information on our meetings or other events, please email us at info@ndtdw.com.


September 12th: Book Club Meeting

September 19th, 7 pm: Persuasion Project Group Meetings (3rd Tuesday of each month)

September 28th: NDTDW Meeting: Why Elect Democratic Judges: Judge Martin Hoffman, Judge Tina You Clinton, Judge Lisa Green, and Judge Ken Tapscott.  Candidates Joe Bogen for SD16 and George Rodriguez for CD32 will speak at the beginning of the meeting

October 26th: NDTDW Meeting: Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins. Candidate Sharon Hirsch, HD32 will speak at the beginning of the meeting.

NO REGULAR MEETINGS IN NOVEMBER OR DECEMBER.  Enjoy Thanksgiving and the other Holidays!

November 10th: Annie’s List Luncheon featuring California Senator, Kamala Harris, potential candidate for President in 2020.

December 2nd:  Annual NDTDW Holiday Party:

January 25th: 2018 Kick-off the New Year with Dynamic Duo, Kim Olson, for Commissioner of Agriculture and Mike Collier, for Lt. Governor!

The Dynamic Duo, Kim Olsen and Mike Collier

The Dynamic Duo, Kim Olsen and Mike Collier