Persuasion: Health Care


Our first meeting of the Persuasion project was held on Tuesday, May 16th.  We watched the first session of the Resistance School video, which focused on how we should communicate our values.  The three pillars are “Claim Our History,” “Communicate Our Values,” and “Change our world.”  After we broke up into our respective groups (Healthcare, Education, & NextGen/GOTV), we determined that we would begin by focusing on Communicating our values.  A few of us shared our stories about the type of healthcare we’ve experienced.  The stories conveyed the vast differences in the costs of healthcare in the US vs elsewhere in the world.  (The costs in the US are much higher and out-of-pocket expenses are higher as well.)  Without reliable insurance, the costs for healthcare can get extremely high.

Our main focus for the meeting was to discuss the types of frames we hear regarding Healthcare.  Some of the frames we came up with were:

  • We all want to be health and want our families to be healthy
  • Healthy Mother – Healthy Baby
  • Healthy Mother – Healthy Family
  • Healthy Family
  • Health Care is a Right not a privilege

The takeaway from this meeting was to have each member make a list of all the Healthcare frames we hear from the republicans (example – instead of ACA, they call it Obamacare – which is meant to have a negative connotation since the Republicans dislike Obama) and prepare a list.  The complied list would be one of our discussion items for our second meeting.  In addition, a second assignment was to develop a few frames from the democratic perspective, which we would also discuss during our second meeting.

Finally, there were some interesting websites and podcasts that were shared with the group:

For our second meeting, we are gearing up to discuss our group’s charter first and then the examples of Healthcare frames by republicans.  The major portion of our meeting will be spent working together to develop new frames from the democratic point of view.  Before the meeting, members are encouraged to finish watching all of the Resistance school sessions and begin reading George Lakoff’s book.