Edmond Democratic Women-See What They Have Done


Vicki contacted NDTDW recently to discuss what we are doing and what they have done.  Here is her report of the remarkable progress they have made. You think Texas is RED, well, OK is REDDER!

by Vicki Toombs, RSE Chair of the Edmond (OK) Democratic Women EDM_Logo_c_header-2

This organization has grown quickly starting with the musings of a group of 5 who then decided to have a meeting at Dana Shadid’s house (who now serves as our President) and invite other like-minded women to attend. There were 50 at the first meeting at her house.  A month later we met at a larger venue and there were 100….then 150, etc.  We now have 196 paid members but actually closer to 300 that are affiliated.
As we met and organized, we came up with 5 areas that needed committee chairs.

Recruit, Support & Elect

This was the skeleton of the organization which didn’t have job descriptions for a few more months. I am chair of the RSE (Recruit, Support, Elect).

All we knew for sure was that we had special elections coming up and our job was to help do whatever we could do to help flip those seats.  Our enthusiasm has been birthed out of frustration with our current representatives at the capital.  Anger and frustration can be great motivators.

Our first candidate needed any and all help he could get.  He had 9 weeks from announcing until Election Day.  We combined efforts with the Education committee and organized a phone bank schedule that would run each Thursday night until the election. We would average 5-8 ladies and make an average of 300-400 calls each week.

Some of these same committee members as well as general membership would also show up at his campaign headquarters on the weekends to knock doors.  We have held fundraising events in our homes, filled out postcards for the candidates as well as promoting him on our personal social media.

I would have to say that the success of this candidate had a lot to do with his organizational team.  They would provide lists, cell phones for us to use to phone bank, maps for walking and knocking, everything you would expect from a national campaign. They were exceptional but provided the training we would need for future campaigns.  His team was professional and enthusiastic and as a result, that spilled over into our group to create a synergy I can’t quite explain.  The last months can only be compared to the eye of the storm politically.  We may only be 50% successful in our efforts.  However, we don’t know which 50% it is so we just keep doing what worked the first time.

We have worked steadily on 2 successful campaigns and are working on our third which has their election on November 14th.  Another seat was flipped in Tulsa which we were not directly involved in.  Every Thursday night, with minimal exceptions, we have had a faithful team of dedicated women meet at Schlotzsky’s in Edmond to phone bank for 2 hours.  Sometimes a few members will take sheets that were not completed home with them to finish.  We gather them up, arrange a drop off and pick up of the next weeks list and do it all again.

This is not glamorous or even fun work to do sometimes with the exception that we do like each other and work well together for this shared purpose. The success of our candidates has become an intoxication we can’t live without.  Our state is the proverbial Titanic headed toward the iceberg and we know that change is not an option, it’s a requirement.  We have come to realize that we DO make a difference!

I hope you will be able to use some of these rambling thoughts and if you decide you need more details regarding candidates, dates of elections and all that, we can provide that as well.  My understanding was that you were looking for the big picture of what we are about.  Let me know if I can be of further assistance! You ladies are doing great things in North Dallas!!!  Keep up the good work.  It’s never been more exciting to be a Democrat!