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June 2017

President’s Message

IMG_0571Having watched the testimony of James Comey yesterday, I understand that any attempt at commentary on politics will be outdated, probably just hours after anything I would write. So, I am going to concentrate on making sure all who read this are aware of the NDTDW Persuasion Project which is the structure we have decided NDTDW will take to offer our Resistance.

Our groups have formed, including dedicated Facebook pages within which only members can interact. (We don’t want our foes to know what we are thinking and doing!). Members of the board are heading up the groups with three of them being new to NDTDW this year and are bringing fresh enthusiasm to their leadership.

The NextGen/GOTV group had the first event of #PersuasionSummer Happy Hour on June 21st,  where members and potential members of the group had an opportunity to get to know one another in a casual setting. These events will continue every other month.  Watch for notices.

The Healthcare group’s current activity:

  • Assignment for everyone
    • Make a list of all the Healthcare Frames you hear from the Republicans
      • Example – Instead of ACA, they call it Obamacare – which is meant to have a negative connotation since the Republicans dislike Obama
    • Send your list to the group
    • We will discuss the Republican frames you find at our next meeting and begin working on our own Healthcare Frames
  • A survey about how well you know what is currently proposed by the Senate in their AHCA plan and how it will effect you, was sent out on June 27th.  If you did not get the email and want to take the survey, click here.

NDTDW does not have a regular meeting again until August, but our Persuasion Project Groups will meet on July 18th.  If you are not part of these groups, we urge you to just keep up with what is happening in Washington and Austin.  There will be plenty of opportunities for you to contact your elected officials on a multitude of issues.  You can go to Activist Information to get contact information.