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August 2017

President’s Message

IMG_0571The summer has been a roller-coaster ride of politics out of the nation’s capital as well as from Austin. There are so many sources that supply detailed coverage as well as overall outlooks, that it sometimes hard to know just where to go.  To help sort all of this out, I rely on three daily emailed “newsletters” that seem to cover what is important to me.  Each one has a little different style but they all share the feature whereby you can access the original source of the story with just a mouse click.

Policlips – From the Lone Star Project.  http://lonestarproject.net/ is the link to their home page.  The Lone Star Project was founded by Matt Angel who had worked for Representative Martin Frost for over twenty years.  After Frost’s defeat to Pete Sessions, Angel started the Lone Star Project – Fighting Back with Facts.  When you sign up with Policlips, you get links to newspaper articles from around the state and the nation.

PoliticoPlaybook – From Politico.com. “Politico’s must-read briefing on what’s driving the day in Washington.  Instead of just headlines and links to the various newspapers, the editors give a paragraph or two on each headline along with the link.  It has several sections which can vary daily:  “Driving the Day”, “The Juice”, “Playbook Reads”, “Great Weekend Reads”, “Playbookers”, and “The Shows”.  You can really get down in the weeks with this one, or just get the general idea and a few facts if that is your style.

The Hill thehill.com is a great website to follow national and international news or you can sign-up for their daily emails on specifics subjects and a roundup sent out about noon.  The website is very well organized with sections for News, Opinion, Video and Events.


Your board is already working on programs and events for 2018.  NDTDW will be putting in a bid to host the Texas Democratic Women’s Summer Retreat in June or July, 2018.  The clubs wanting to host the event do so at the TDW Board Meeting which follows the Annual TDW Convention in February 2018. We are currently looking for hotel venues that are easily accessible to DARTrail so that attendees can get there from the airport at low cost. Based upon the hotel selected, we will be organizing off-site options for Friday and Saturday night that are also accessed by DART.  The program for the retreat is all day on the Saturday and usually features, topical speakers, candidates (election year!!!) and breakout work sessions.   This will be a fundraiser as the club hosting the retreat keeps all monies earned. If you have event planning experience and want to help with the planning, please contact me at msnilknarf22@att.net.