Indivisible Project – Senator Cornyn Office Visit, 1/18/17


North Dallas Texas Democratic – Indivisible Project, 1/19/17 

Eight of us had a very good one hour meeting with J. Collin McLochlin, North Texas Regional Director, and Kamal Fulani, his Deputy Director. We were not allowed to take photos, video or voice record the meeting, so here is a summary.

1 group by door

(Lenna Webb, Karen Newton, LeAnne Baird, Bob Franklin, Carol McCallion, Barbara Wolfe, Terry Hopkins and Susan Cooper. Photographer, Sandy Carlisle)

We presented them with a letter of introduction which laid out our agenda for the meeting along with copies of all the talking points presented by our speakers. I will be posting those documents on the NDTDW website as a subpage of the Indivisible Project page, but probably not until tomorrow.

Feedback from the discussions:
It was a more positive meeting than expected with Mr. McLochlin slipping by indicating that the some of the points we raised, he agreed with.

Both men took notes on the discussion.

Senator Cornyn will probably support all of the nominees even though he has policy differences with some. The Senator feels that a President has the right to pick the people he wants to work with.

Comments on Tillerson: 

  1. Cornyn sued Exxon when he was Attorney General of Texas
  2. Subsequently he really likes him and will support him
  3. Regarding suppression of Exxon climate change documents, Mr. McLochlin indicated that it is a legal and business matter, not a political issue.

On the ACA, the current GOP plan as of today will include a three year grace period where no changes in coverage will take effect.

Mr. McLochlin indicated that the Senator voted for the legalization to import prescriptions from Canada. I cannot find any confirmation that such a bill has actually passed. (Intrepid investigators: do more research and let me know)

On our comments about DeVos, he pointed out the most education funding was done by the State, and that Senator Cornyn is strongly pro-choice when applied to schools. Also, after Cornyn’s meeting with DeVos, he really likes her.

On Immigration comments when talking about Jeff Sessions, the Senator is pro-immigration especially where businesses want to get work visas for laborers and for professional people.

Cornyn wants our boarder tightly secured before working on Immigration Reform, but he favors a more technological approach over building a wall.

On DACA, McLochlin commented that Senator Cornyn wanted this issue handled through legislation, not Executive Order, and is in favor of S.128 – A bill to provide provisional protected presence to qualified individuals who came to the United States as children.

Our introductory letter:

We represent almost 500, mainly women in the Dallas area. We all vote and we all receive email notices of important news and events.

We are strongly opposed to dismantling the Affordable Care Act without having a comprehensive plan to replace it, making sure that 30 million Americans are not left without healthcare. We are strongly against Government Corruption, Authoritarianism, Sexism, Racism, weakening Roe vs Wade and many of the policies that President-Elect Trump has indicated he will implement.

Today we are here to oppose the nomination of the following people for Cabinet posts (individuals will explain why we oppose them):

  • Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State
  • Jeff Sessions for Attorney General
  • Ben Carson for Department of Housing and Urban Development
  • Betsy DeVos for Department of Education
  • Tom Price for Department of Health and Human Services
  • Mick Mulvaney for Office of Management and Budget

Please remember that Democrats are your constituents too! President- elect Trump did not win the popular vote in the United States so he has no mandate to do whatever he wants.

President-elect Trump, Senator Cornyn, Senator Cruz and all our Representatives in the House will be followed closely to see how they vote and what they express as their positions on important issues.

Our organization will be following up regularly with this office to continue to express our opinions of the important issues as they come up in Congress.

Lenna Webb, President
North Dallas Texas Democratic Women